Thursday, February 5, 2009

2 Minute Teacher Tech Talk Podcast

Listen to Erica Mills talk about starting to vodcast in her classroom.


Kathi Meyer said...

Way to go Erica! Sounds great to have the students come to class with the notes already done, and have more class time to answer questions and do activities to reinforce the ideas! I would love to hear more of how you incorporated your powerpoints with the podcasts!!

Anonymous said...

I think this is such an innovative way to utilize students' time as well as Erica's time as an educator! I was wondering about the accountability piece as well, but it seems like monitoring notes and using quizzes would be a good way to ensure that students are using the vodcasts at home. I'd also be curious to hear from the technology standpoint how Erica is incorporating the powerpoint with the podcasts. I'm impressed!

emills said...

The first chapter has been great but I have had a few bumps in the road. I have been keeping my kids accountable by giving them pop quizzes purely on the information from the PowerPoint, and they are able to use their notes on the quizzes. I also give credit for their notes. So far the students have been listening to the vodcasts (as long as there are no technical difficulties).