Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Lost Generation

Be sure to watch this from beginning to end. Shared by Sharon Elitz, this video placed second in the AARP U@50 contest.

As I watched it, I was reminded that our perspective on something can and does matter.



Anonymous said...

I wished more students had the attitude displayed in the second part of the video clip. That amazing population of young people was evident during the campaign last October and November with the overwhelming support for President Obama. Thousands of students showed a political zeal with an outlook of hope not seen in decades. However, that enthusiastic group of students that was oozing with positive energy seems to be more the exception than the rule. If truth be told, I have observed the opposite behavior by most students over the past twenty years in the classroom. The attitudes portrayed in the first part of the video are what many of this generation seem to demonstrate. Regrettably a vast number of young people fallen into this state of apathy. I see a new generation of students that feel they have a certain entitlement to things. They feel everything is a right, not a privilege. This video clip illustrated the wide array of attitudes of today’s students.

Scott Myers

Shannon Schwab said...

This video is amazing! The way the sentiments and lines can be reversed to show a tone of optimism is very powerful! Seeing the first half makes me think about the apathy that we see on a daily basis. How often do we see trash and step over it in the halls? Or, miss a family function because we’re too busy? This video is eye opening, sad, and hopeful all at once. Ideally, it can become a charge, a call to action to stir the lethargic and the apathetic into a generation that truly does care.