Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Miniature Earth

Stumbled across this a while back but I think it is fascinating.

"If the world's population was reduced to 100 people, it would look something like this...."


Kathi Meyer said...

What a powerful video that puts everything into perpective! It made me feel so grateful, but at the same time made me ask myself what can I be doing to help others in this world that are less fortunate?

Anonymous said...

It is so eye-opening to consider that the things we take for granted everyday can be such luxuries to others. I was shocked to see the figures of the mini earth in terms of sanitation, malnutrition, and lack of water. What can we as a society, or even as individuals, do to cause change and make a difference?
--Shannon Schwab

Nanci M said...

Some of the statistics in this movie really surprised me! I agree with Kathi that it makes me wonder what I can do to help others who are less fortunate. Everyday I have enough for the day and for the next day, and in the world I guess that makes me pretty darn lucky.